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VOTE! Which system of RR clicks crediting you like more ?
Published on Mar 07th, 2018 08:55 pm

Update :

Current votes in %

This is the current situation, however only 24% of the members had voted until now, we will wait until at least 80% of the members to vote!


Hello, dear members, it's time each of you to vote regarding the RR clicks crediting!
Just follow the link below and give your vote


According to the votes, we will either change the old system back or keep the current one. 

Have a wonderful day

Best Regards

Updates about : TrialPay, RR system, Auto-recycle, Contest, New Features!
Published on Mar 02nd, 2018 09:54 am

Hello, dear members we have some updates to share with you :

TrialPay : There were some issues with this offer wall so some member weren't credited after completing some offers from this offerwall, however now that problem is solved and this offerwall now it's working 100%, however, please be informed that some offers from TrialPay are not instantly credited, it takes 30-60 minutes.

RR system: Some members had complained that they don't like the new RR system, however, many members do like the new system. Because of this, we will create a page where member will be able to vote which RR system they like it more. According to these votes, we will either return the old RR system or will continue working with the new system,!

Auto-recycle : As all of you already know currently this option recycles only the RRs that haven't made any clicks at all ( that are with zero clicks) , we are working on changing that and make the auto-recycle system to recycle all RR that haven't made any clicks for X days, depending on your membership! This should be done in the next 1-2 weeks.

Contest: Second Point Contest is coming very soon for the celebration of mayaclix' second birthday! There will be many other surprises regarding this. 

New Features: Many new features and earning ways will be added to our website! Our developer is working as we speak on developing these new features! 

We know that there are some issues on our website and we are sorry for the inconvenience that these issues might cause you, however, we will fix everything, as our goal is to please our members and to make an environment where every single member will enjoy a profit! 
These are part of the new features that we will try to add on our website in the next 1-2 months:

Daily checklist bonus
-Vacation days ( each membership will have vacation days, so members can enable this option when they are not able to click all the ads and still receive referrals earnings)
Level System ( For each action that members do they will be able to reach levels that will bring higher % of referrals earnings, higher referrals limits, vacation days and many more bonuses)
-Tasks Contest ( Each week the top members that will complete most tasks from our offerwalls will receive a prize)
-Tasks Bonus ( When a member will complete certain number of tasks will receive a bonus)
-DR sign up bonus ( When a member recommend a new member to our website will receive bonus)
7 Referrals Levels deep ( Members will enjoy commissions from downline purchases 7 levels deep)
-Tasks commission from DR ( Members will receive % of the tasks completed by their direct referrals)
-Post payment proof bonus
-Cashback Advertising
-Professional Affiliate area for each member ( many additional tools to promote our website)
-Get paid to watch youtube videos, likes, and shares
-Get paid to like/share on facebook
-Get paid to play games all day long
.... and many more features !!!

We would like to thanks to all members for understanding and being patient. It's being only 45 days since we launched the new version of MayaClix, and we need some time to make it perfect! Have an awesome day

Best Regards

Share the Love - Task! Recommend our website and get many prizes!
Published on Feb 01st, 2018 05:29 pm

Hello, dear members, we have a special task for every one of you! 
With this task, you will have lots of benefits!
Task instructions: Recommend 5 friends or relatives to our website using your own referral link!
So you need to get 5 direct referrals!

How to recommend my friends? Where can I find my referral link?

Log in to your account. On your left menu click on banners!

Here is your referral link! You need to select your link and copy it! 

Next, you need to send your referral link to at least 5 of your friends, relatives, colleagues..

By registering using your referral link these people will become your Direct Referrals!

Direct Referrals last forever! You don't need to extend them as it's needed per RR!
You earn from their clicks, upgrades, tasks.....

Rules for this task:
1 . Recommended members must be from your state! 
2. They must remain active for at least 7 days!
3. These DR needs to be someone you know, not gained using any kind of advertising!
4. Cheaters usind multi-accounts will be suspended!

The prize for this task :
If you complete this task :

-We will add 3 more DR to your account ( members that had registered without upline)!
-We will add $1 to your account!

This Task have also the second and third stage !!! 
In this stage, all of our members need to work together as a team! 

Stage 2: If this Task is completed successfully by 300+ members 
We will add additional $5 to everyone's accounts (the members that had completed the task) 

Stage 3: If this task is completed successfully by 1000+ members
We will add additional $10 and 3 more DR to everyone's accounts (the members that had completed the task)

If this task goes thru all the stages this is the total of what you will get :
6 DR and $16 

Ths Task will be available until 02-20-2018

How to submit the task when completed?
When you recommend 5 members to our website and they are active for 7 days you need
to send us a ticket with text: "I've recommended 5 members and they are active 7 days"

Have an excellent day 

Best Regards

Published on Jan 31st, 2018 11:34 pm

Hello, dear members due to lots of requests via support tickets from many members, we are extending our special promo until 10th of February!

This is the promo : 
We have a special promotion for you :
-The promotion is valid until 10th of February!!!
We will add %bonus on every deposit during the promo and bonus direct referrals as following:
$10-$99 ---->%5 bonus!
$100-$249->%10 bonus plus 5 direct referrals! 
$259-$499->%20 bonus plus 10 direct referrals!
$500 + ----->%30 bonus plus 15 direct referrals!
(Direct Referrals will be given randomly from members that has sign up without referrer)

-During this promotion all our membership will be at discount as following :
Small sweat Bee $6.99
Miner Bee $44.99
Honey Bee $69.00
Bumble Bee $349.00
Carpenter Bee $429.00
Killer Bee $999.00

Best Regards

Published on Jan 28th, 2018 01:27 pm

Hello, dear members, we've made some changes in the rented referrals clicks crediting and we have lowered the price of "Recycle" option for each membership.
From now on ALL of your rented referrals, clicks will be credited to your balance ( not just 4 as previous) However the RR's click rate will be different, actually, it will be the same as it is right now with the direct referrals. So you will receive % of earnings from all your referrals' clicks depending your membership.
Ground bee: 20% of click value
Small sweat bee : 30% of click value
Miner bee : 30% of click value
Honey bee: 50% of click value
Bumble bee:100% of click value
Carpenter bee:100% of click value
Killer bee: 120% of click value

Example: if a member A is Honey bee and one of his RR had made today total of 40 clicks 
that RR will earn him: 40clicks X 0.001$ ( most of the ads value) X50% = 0.02$ ( in one day) X30(days) = $0.6 ( in one month) 

Because our AUTO-RECYCLE option it's not working as it was working on our old website ( At this website auto-recycle recycles the only RR that haven't made any click yet ( zero clicks) ) we've decided to lower the fee of the manual recycle for each membership! 
We are working on making AUTO-RECYCLE to works as it was on our old website, when will manage to do that, the manually recycle price will be back as it was before. 

Have a lovely day

Best Regards

Published on Jan 19th, 2018 09:57 pm

Hello, dear members, we would like to inform you that the "restore" process is complete! We have answered all support tickets that were asking for "restore". 
- If any member hasn't asked for "restore" yet, please do by sending us a support ticket with text: "RESTORE"
-If any member thinks that there is any mistake in his/her account, feel free to send us a support ticket, we will be happy to re-check everything and if there is any mistake to correct it! 
-We found a way to access our database where the Direct Referrals info was stored!
Which means we will add each member's direct referrals as they use to be in!
This means, all the DRs will be added that had registered at our new website if a
direct referral of yours haven't registered at our new website, that DR won't be added to your DR list! If such member didn't register it means he/she wasn't active anyway! 

We have a special promotion for you :
-The promotion is valid until 31 of January!!!
We will add %bonus on every deposit during the promo and bonus direct referrals as following:
$10-$99 ---->%5 bonus!
$100-$249->%10 bonus plus 5 direct referrals! 
$259-$499->%20 bonus plus 10 direct referrals!
$500 + ----->%30 bonus plus 15 direct referrals!
(Direct Referrals will be given randomly from members that have sign up without referrer)

-During this promotion all our memberships will be at a discount as following :
Small sweat Bee $6.99
Miner Bee $44.99
Honey Bee $69.00
Bumble Bee $349.00
Carpenter Bee $429.00
Killer Bee $999.00

$1000 POINT CONTEST! We have organized specially for our members a point contest!
For each action, you do on our website you will be receiving points! The members with most points collected will win lots of prizes $$$ 
These are the prizes :

Position Prize Allocate to
1 $400 Main balance
2 $250 Main balance
3 $150 Main balance
4 $50 Main balance
5 $30 Main balance
6 $20 Main balance
7 $10 Main balance
8 $10 Main balance
9 $10 Main balance
10 $10 Main balance
11 $10 Main balance
12 $5 Main balance
13 $5 Main balance
14 $5 Main balance
15 $5 Main balance
16 $5 Main balance
17 $5 Main balance
18 $5 Main balance
19 $5 Main balance
20 $5 Main balance
21 $5 Main balance

How much points you get for each action :
Different memberships earn different amounts of points. 

Ground bee:

PTC click - 1 point

Points per direct referral - 20 points

Points per forum post - 10 points

Points per completed offer - 10 points

Points per dollar deposited - 20 points

Small sweat bee:

PTC click - 1 point

Points per direct referral - 20 points

Points per forum post - 10 points

Points per completed offer - 10 points

Points per dollar deposited - 20 points

Miner bee:

PTC click - 1 point

Points per direct referral - 20 points

Points per forum post - 10 points

Points per completed offer - 10 points

Points per dollar deposited - 20 points

Honey bee:

PTC click - 1 point

Points per direct referral - 20 points

Points per forum post - 10 points

Points per completed offer - 10 points

Points per dollar deposited - 50 points

Bumble bee:

PTC click - 1 point

Points per direct referral - 20 points

Points per forum post - 10 points

Points per completed offer - 10 points

Points per dollar deposited - 20 points

Carpenter bee:

PTC click - 1 point

Points per direct referral - 30 points

Points per forum post - 10 points

Points per completed offer - 10 points

Points per dollar deposited - 50 points

Killer bee:

PTC click - 10 points

Points per direct referral - 50 points

Points per forum post - 10 points

Points per completed offer - 30 points

Points per dollar deposited - 100 points

Rules :
Multi-accounts are not accepted ( Cheaters will be suspended)
Referrals from PTSU will not be counted!
Spamming in the forum in order to earn points it's not allowed - we will ban anyone
that will be doing that!

Have a delightful day 

Best Regards

Published on Jan 17th, 2018 06:18 pm

Hello, dear members, we have three news to share with you.
1. The "RESTORE" process it's almost done, only 2% needs to be restored, as new tickets for restore had arrived yesterday and today. 
-The promised surprise: After we finish completely restoring everyone's accounts ( that it should be done today) we will organize POINTS CONTEST! Also, we will have special "add funds" promotion and discounts on all memberships!!! More info about the contest, promo and discounts will follow.
2. CHEATERS ( read this it's really important!!!) 
Some cheaters are sending emails that are not from us, asking for your username, password , email, ip.... Please IGNORE such messages and if you receive such message report it to us immediately !!! 
-These are the only emails that we use to contact our members :
If you receive an email message that does not come from any of these email addresses please ignore it and report it to us!!!
The message that these CHEATERS are sending looks like this :
""""From: Support-Team
Subject: Account verification.
Date: January 16, 2018, 10:01 AM
We detected a something suspicious with your account!We never like cheaters in oursite so we will inform about this. 
Because we don't have believe who is real account owner you or other person?We received a ticket for changing password 
and email before We will do this we need some information from you.

What is your IP?

What is your Country?

What is your Password?

What is your date of birth?

What is your since on Mayaclix?

Provide us required details otherwise we will suspend your account!or transfer your account to other member!if you provide correct information then your account safe.


Admin """"""
So please beware of such message, WE WOULD NEVER ASK FOR SUCH INFORMATION as we already have the information, as you are members of our website!!! 

Some members had complained about their referrals' activity, that the first day after rent they had more clicks then the clicks went down!
First : we do not have any influence on your rented referrals activity, however, we do use two filters that filter all referrals and distribute only referrals that had made at least 8 clicks in the last 72 hours.
Seccond : In the restored process thousands of completely new members had registered ( for the first time) asking for "RESTORE" hoping that we will do any mistake and give them any funds or membership, however after checking our database and notice that they weren't members of, we normally gave them nothing as there was nothing to restore. These members were active the first few days, then 95% of the just stopped clicking, however as they were active the first days the system considered them active and distribute them as rented referrals. 
Please just wait for the first free-recycle, all that inactive RR will be replaced with new RR. As now only the active members continue working at our website your RR activity will improve! 
Have a lovely day

Best Regards

90% of members' accounts are restored! Only 10% remain!
Published on Jan 15th, 2018 12:40 pm

Hello, dear members, working 24/7 in the last 4 days we had restored 90% of members accounts! Only 10% are remaining and they will be restored today!
As explained before DR's we'll be added to everyone's account too very soon.
If any member it's not satisfied with the restore of your account feel free to send a support ticket, if there are any mistakes or anything. As we are people that are doing this restore manually, working 24/7 there might be some mistakes. Have an awesome day everyone!
We have a special surprise for you tomorrow.

Best Regards
MayaClix Team

Temporary withdrawal fees are raised !!!
Published on Jan 14th, 2018 01:47 pm

Hello, dear members, we would like to inform you that we are forced to raise the withdrawal fees to all payment processors in the next few weeks! Why? 
Because of what happened to our website as you all already know we were adding each member equivalent amount of funds depending on the number of rented referrals he/she had. From this action, 98% of our members had benefited a lot, as 98% of the members had their rented referrals expiring in 2-27 days. We were funding your accounts with the full price of the RR. So the funds' members had in their main balances are pure profit now(as a gift), as everyone who had their account's restored till now have enough funds in purchase balance to rent for the next one month or more. You also profiting from your purchase balance ! Why? 
Example (This example is taken from real member in our old database) : 
Member A, had 100 RR, that needed to expire in the next 2-20 days in the following order : 10 RR in 1 day, 12 RR in 4 days, 9 RR in 6 days , 15 RR in 9 days, 30 RR in 10 days , 24 RR in 20 days!
How much this member's referrals at wort at this moment? 
0.06$ + 0.32$+0.36$+0.9$+2$+3.2$ = 6.84$
Only 6.84$ and we had credited this member with full $20 for his 100 RR! Which means another profit of $13.16!!! And this (almost) same scenario is the case with over 91% of the members!
What happened to our website its win-win situation for you, the members, not for us!

We would like to encourage our members to try to use these funds and invest in building your accounts!
Until further notice, the fees for withdrawal will stay raised, to protect our self from thousands of members asking for a withdrawal with those obtained funds and shutting us down! 
You should all appreciate your benefit from what happened, as we were legit, honest, truthful and FAIR to you!
We had spent lots of funds in re-building our website, hiring a developer, designer, 4 (four) persons in customer support that are helping in the "RESTORE" process, so we need some time to heal! 
- The withdrawal fees will go back to normal after our healing process is over!
Thank you for understanding and have an awesome day!

Best Regards

MayaClix is back ONLINE! Welcome! Read how you can restore your account!
Published on Jan 10th, 2018 06:37 pm

Hello, dear members of MayaClix, we are proud to announce that we had dodged the bullet that could shut us down and we are back online. 

Read more about it in our forum :  Here it's explained how to restore your accocunt from our previouse website! Have a lovely day


Best Regards

MayaClix Team