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Started by Admin Jan 10th, 2018 at 18:24
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Jan 10th, 2018 at 18:24
Hello, dear members of MayaClix, we are proud to announce that we had dodged the bullet that could shut us down and we are back online.
We are starting this new version of our website using new domain, as we like to call all of our members, our family! was started at 11.03.2016 and now we continue with our work as we are legit and honest.
As all of you already know we had a fatal error on our website which was caused by the encryption of the script that we were using to run our website. The developer that had sold us the script had put an encryption of the script to protect it from distribution by unwanted sides. This could be easily solved if there was a way to contact that developer, however, he was out of reach for more then year and a half.
We had re-build our website from scratch, but now using a new professional script which will ensure our website stability and prosperity and make sure that problems like this will never happen again!
We had hired a professional developer to try to transfer all the members' data from our old database to our new website, however after many attempts and lot of effort that was impossible! However, there is nothing to be worried about, we will do the transfer manually in the following way :
-Every one of you needs to register on our new website using the EXACT SAME username as you used on (warning: if you use different username we won't be able to restore your account)
-When registered, log in to your account and send us support ticket with text: "restore"
How to send a support ticket?
* When you are logged into your account, click on support at the bottom of the page, as shown on the image below :

*Next click on " Create a new ticket"

*Write "RESTORE" in a subject is also in the text field :

-That's it, next thing you need to do is to wait.
We ( our team) will find all the info about your account in our old database and will update it in your new account in here, then you just continue working!
Please allow up to 5 days your account summary to be updated as we will be doing this manually there will be thousands of support tickets!
How will info be reflected in your new account?
-All the funds that you had in upgrade balance, rent balance and advertiser balance now will go to purchase balance ( at this website there is only once balance for purchasing everything)
-Your membership will remain absolutely the same with the same expiry date. We will add 20 days for FREE to your current membership. 10 days to cover these 10 days of our website being offline and 10 days as a bonus!
-All advertising credits that you had will be transferred to your new account.
-Direct Referrals: Unfortunately we can't access the part of the database where it show's which members are your DR, however, we will add the exact number of DR that you had previously on a random base.
-Rented Referrals: Unfortunately we can't add you the same RR to your new account, there is no such option, that's why we will add an equivalent amount of $ (dollars) depending on the number of RR you had in your previous mayaclix's account, so you can rent your referrals again.
(92% of the members will benefit from this action, as 92% had their referrals expiring in 1-20 days, this how you will get full price for your RR, and gain profit)
- We will add 1000 points to every member as a reward!

After the migration is completed, we will proceed to upgrade our website with lots of new features and offer walls. Also when the migration is completed we will have special promotion and discounts on all memberships!!! Also very soon we will have a point contest!

From this point, MayaClixFamily will grow high up to the sky, and with lots of hard work and effort, we will make our website to be profitable for every single member!!!

Best Regards
MayaClix Team
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