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Website restored due to technical issues! NEW CHANGES ARE COMMING!

Started by Admin Jan 03rd, 2021 at 01:16
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Jan 03rd, 2021 at 01:16
UPDATE 03.01 13:40 server time!
The click rate and referrals' clicks rate is doubled in the next 36 hours!
Required 4 clicks in order to earn from referrals will be disabled until 00:00 server time today

Hello, dear members a difficult technical issue occurred so it was required to restore our website 36 hours back. You might notice changes in balances, referrals .. it's like the last 36 hours never happened, so nothing is lost.
- We had saved all new registered members ( in the last 36 hours ) , so they won't lose their accounts!
-All deposits made during that period will be manually added to the members' accounts!

We also have a special announcement :

Our website/company is moving forward , so in the next month we will be updating our website to the latest php version which will make our website much more faster, secured and technical issues like this today won't happen in the future!

With this update a new payment processors and earning features will be added!
Payment processors :


Earning features :
Many new offerwalls and other earning features that will remain surprise at this moment!

You will be informed when the update will happen!

Have a wonderful day

Best Regards
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