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IMPORTANT! Technical Issues! Caused by server provider!

Started by Admin Sep 23rd, 2020 at 21:03
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Sep 23rd, 2020 at 21:03
Hello, dear members, many of you had experienced strange activities.. Many of you instead of having available ADS (advertisements) every 24 hours, for around 50% of the members the ads are reset every 48 hours!
Our server provider did transfer all their websites from standard CP to new site tools! After this migration was done the problem occurred! It's a technical issue caused by them! Their technical support also our technical staff are working hard on detecting the glitch that caused this and solve it asap!

The fact that 50% of the members have available ads every 48 hours caused many other members that have these members as rented referrals to notice drop in their referrals clicks!

At this moment untill this tehnical problem is solved , we found a way how to compensate all the loses cause by this issue to our members!

An issue of this kind it's first time to happen and those who are with us from the beginning already know that we will handle this situation so no one will suffer any damage as we did handled many worse situations in the past!

So this is what we'll do :

1. We will disable the mandatory 4 clicks in order to earn from referrals until this is resolved!
(so the members that have ads available every 48 hours won''t lose profit from referrals)
2. We will BOOST the percentage of referrals'earnings for every membership DOUBLE , so those having RR that are affected ( having ads every 48 ads) won't feel any profit loss.
This means members will have less clicks from RR however will earn DOUBLE until this is resolved.
3. To compensate the loses in the last few days ( while we were trying to figure out what went wrong) the mentioned BOOST above will be +1/4 for the next 5 days!
So in the next 5 days the BOOST will be DOUBLE + 1/4 of the current % for all memberships, after that the BOOST will be down to DOUBLE until this issue it's resolved!
Example: Ground bee at this moment have 20% ref earnings, in the next 5 days will have 50%, after 5 days will have 40% until issue resolved!
Another example : Honey bee have 50% , in the next 5 days will have 125%, then after 5 days will be down to 100% until the problem is resolved!
4. To compensate the members don't have available ads 24 and instead the ads are reset every 48 ads, so every second day they had zero earnings from referrals, that's manually handled by our team and to each member such loses were added in their balanced!

Many of you on every issue that comes to our way, before even asking , you attack us with bad words and behavior , even that we had proof to everyone of you since 2016 that we handled any kind of issues! We survived the fall of Payza (even that we lost 80% of our funds) , We survived many huge hackers attacks, hundreds of technical issues...In the start of 2018 we survived a total website breakdown, we had manually recreate everything and restored every single members's account! PLEASE understand, we are here to stay and to make our members happy! As anything in life, problems will always come, however instead of attacking us, please have a little fate , support us and be patience! Thank you and have a wonderful day, always stay positive!


Best Regards
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