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Our first promotion in 2018!

Started by Admin 2018-01-20 at 10:42
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Promotion is extended until 10th of February due to lots of member's requests.

We have a special promotion for you :
-The promotion is valid until 31 of January!!!
We will add %bonus on every deposit during the promo and bonus direct referrals as following:
$10-$99 ---->%5 bonus!
$100-$249->%10 bonus plus 5 direct referrals!
$259-$499->%20 bonus plus 10 direct referrals!
$500 + ----->%30 bonus plus 15 direct referrals!
(Direct Referrals will be given randomly from members that have sign up without referrer)

-During this promotion all our memberships will be at a discount as following :
Small sweat Bee $6.99
Miner Bee $44.99
Honey Bee $69.00
Bumble Bee $349.00
Carpenter Bee $429.00
Killer Bee $999.00
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