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News: New changes applied! Balance reduction ; Withdrawal fee info ; Crediting system; Changes in T.O.S

Started by Admin 2018-04-25 at 22:27
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Hello, dear members, it had been such a journey fixing problems during this year.
Few things happened, to start, on 1st of January 2018 when our website went offline due to the fatal error of our old script, however as most of you already know, we've survived that by re-building our website from scratch and manually transferred every single members' accounts!
What else happened? There were lots of errors with the offerwalls, then we were forced to change the referrals' crediting system... and also we were forced to remove Payza as payment processor!
Perhaps someone will call all these things bad things.. maybe a bad luck.
However, we will find a solution to every single problem!!!

Balance reduction: As you already know, an error happened a few days ago while we were trying to restore the old crediting system, an error that made clicks from the referrals to be multiplied 10,20,30 or even more times. The funds earned as a result of this error were manually removed from everyone's account! Most of you had already spent these funds so, in order for us to be able to restore that funds, we were forced to put your balances in minus!

IMPORTANT : We are working on the vital parts of our website functionality, PLEASE do not send a support ticket why you have a negative balance, because you already know the answer! Such tickets won't be answered! Sending multiple tickets will be considered as spamming and it might lead to your account suspension!

Withdrawal fee info : Until this moment the withdrawal fee was up to 95% to prevent anyone to cash out the funds earned from the system error! Now we will lower the withdrawal fee!
However, as you already know Payza had been removed as payment processor of our website because 80% of our members can't use it!
So we tried to withdraw the fund we had in our Payza account in order to transfer it to our other payment processors, however the withdrawal it's still on pending! It's been over 25 days! We have lots of funds there! We believe that Payza it's starting to become SCAM!
Even that we have lots of funds there, that won't affect our work, it's just once more we will be forced the keep the withdrawal fee little higher than normal. This will be only for a few weeks!

Rented Referrals' clicks crediting : After many many attempts to restore the old system of crediting we are deciding to keep the new system, however much improved!
Restoring the old crediting system had cause lots of errors that had to interfere with the normal work of our members, so many members just complain all the time. We need time to solve these errors, however, nobody can wait!
That's the reason why we had found a different solution!

- We hade create two new custom super filters for distributing referrals!
One is applied when a member rent referrals and the other one is applied when a member recycle referrals!
These two new filters will improve everyone's RR activity! Starting now when you rent new packages with RR you will receive much more active referrals! Also when you recycle your current referrals, much more active referrals you will receive!
However these filters will distribute equal % to each member when they rent or recycle! , meaning every single member will have equal chance to receive active members as referrals!

IMPORTANT : We do not have any influence on your rented referrals activity!!!
Sending us a support tickets asking why your referrals are active or not active will be closed without being answered! Sending multiple tickets will be considered as spamming and it might lead to your account suspension!

The filter will work as follows:
Let say that at this moment there are 12 active RR ready for distribution!
At that moment if 3 members try to rent referrals each of them will receive 4 active RR!
Before the distribution was, the first member would receive 12 active RR and the other two would receive only inactive referrals, so not that problem is solved!
The distribution of active referrals when renting and recycling will be fair and equal for every single member!

Every one of you must understand: We can't force any member to click the ads or to remain active, so there is nothing we can do if some of your referrals stop working or are not clicking all the ads!
All we can do is to distribute equal % of active RR to each member, after that it's your job to manage your rented referrals! There are tools like recycle, free-recycle, auto-pay, extend for longer periods .. all of these tools are helping lots of members to a maintain decent profit every single month of the year! We will add some new points in our T.O.S regarding this matter as many members are wasting our time by sending support tickets asking already answered questions!

LEVEL SYSTEM : These days will be ready our new "level system" where every member will be able to reach levels by doing actions like clicking ads and grid, renting referrals ... and every level besides the many other benefits it will bring higher % of your referrals' clicks!!! So everyone will be able to easly to boost your earnings!

Changes in T.O.S : We will be doing some changes in our T.O.S in the next few days, all of you will be informed regarding this changes in our news!

Have a delightful day

Best Regards