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Temporary withdrawal fees are raised !!!

Started by Admin 2018-01-14 at 13:44
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Hello, dear members, we would like to inform you that we are forced to raise the withdrawal fees to all payment processors in the next few weeks! Why?
Because of what happened to our website as you all already know we were adding each member equivalent amount of funds depending on the number of rented referrals he/she had. From this action, 98% of our members had benefited a lot, as 98% of the members had their rented referrals expiring in 2-27 days. We were funding your accounts with the full price of the RR. So the funds' members had in their main balances are pure profit now(as a gift), as everyone who had their account's restored till now have enough funds in purchase balance to rent for the next one month or more. You also profiting from your purchase balance ! Why?
Example (This example is taken from real member in our old database) :
Member A, had 100 RR, that needed to expire in the next 2-20 days in the following order : 10 RR in 1 day, 12 RR in 4 days, 9 RR in 6 days , 15 RR in 9 days, 30 RR in 10 days , 24 RR in 20 days!
How much this member's referrals at wort at this moment?
0.06$ + 0.32$+0.36$+0.9$+2$+3.2$ = 6.84$

Only 6.84$ and we had credited this member with full $20 for his 100 RR! Which means another profit of $13.16!!! And this (almost) same scenario is the case with over 91% of the members!
What happened to our website its win-win situation for you, the members, not for us!

We would like to encourage our members to try to use these funds and invest in building your accounts!
Until further notice, the fees for withdrawal will stay raised, to protect our self from thousands of members asking for a withdrawal with those obtained funds and shutting us down!
You should all appreciate your benefit from what happened, as we were legit, honest, truthful and FAIR to you!
We had spent lots of funds in re-building our website, hiring a developer, designer, 4 (four) persons in customer support that are helping in the "RESTORE" process, so we need some time to heal!
- The withdrawal fees will go back to normal after our healing process is over!
Thank you for understanding and have an awesome day!

Best Regards
Honey Bee
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Yes Admin we are aware of the profit we gained :) We totally understand and support you!
MayaClixFamily is the best! Long live!
Honey Bee
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really appreciate everything. thank you. mayaclix for ever!
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MayaClixFamily Team.
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That's fair enough! (Smile) I support your decision. It's a win-win for everyone, actually you were more than generous with our funds and we appreciate that! Thank you!
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MayaclixFamily 4 Ever
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You had sent me over 10 000 $ in payments in, of course, I support you. I am with you until the end of time
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