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Official winners at "2020 Points Contest!

Started by Admin 2020-02-04 at 16:56
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Hello, dear members, it was a hell of a fight in our points contest as it ended last night. Only seconds decided who will be the winners , in fact in only 42 seconds lots of members made lots of last second deposits which cause system lag, however the final "official" table with winners is according to the time of the deposits are made (even that only seconds separate the deposits)
These are the official winners :

Position Prize Allocate to Winner
1 $1500 Main balance markdavit
2 $1250 Main balance daniel_ackerman
3 $1000 Main balance MetiLea
4 $800 Main balance dance_giceva
5 $700 Main balance boypower
6 $550 Main balance moneyclub
7 $500 Main balance olivera67
8 $450 Main balance deannastevski
9 $300 Main balance BiljanaB
10 $250 Main balance ahmedamustafova
11 $200 Main balance ackio2005
12 $150 Main balance zlateking46
13 $100 Main balance Svetlana1962
14 $70 Main balance anacuesta
15 $50 Main balance nikita

Congratulation to all of you!!!

All the prizes according to the position ( plus direct referrals and shares) will be added in the next 48 hours.

Have a wonderful day

Best Regards