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Sky is the Limit here at MayaClix! $508 payment just received!

Started by maya_ristevska 2019-11-07 at 18:55
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The possibilities at this PTC website are unlimited, thanks to their "No Withdraw Limit" policy.
I had been working on more then 40 PTC websites, no matter how good you are at this work, they always always ( on every other PTC website) put some funny withdrawal limits like $30 a week, which means even if you earn 500$ you can only withdraw $120 , however that's not the case here at mayaclix, which is awesome, I've stopped working on every other PTC website that I used to, now I work only on MayaClix, because it's the only PTC website I'll ever need. Thank you dear administratos !!!! Best PTC website ever !!! <3