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$50 TASK - It's time to go BIG!

Started by Admin 2018-12-24 at 17:56
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Hello, dear members we have super cool Offer/Task for our members of MayaClixFamily!

The prize for this offer/task is $50

This offer will expire at 24/02/2019

Share MayaClixFamily with your friends and relatives and get $50 !

You need to recommend 10 friends or relatives to our website using your own referral link!
So these 10 new members will be your direct referrals and you will earn from their clicks, completed offers or tasks, upgrades ...

You can find your personal referral link in "banners" under the global menu!

You need to copy your referral link and send it to your friends

ask them to register using your link, doing so they will become your direct referrals!

One of the terms is that only the direct referrals that will make 400 clicks will be counted for this Offer ! ( that means only the active direct referrals will be counted )

By completing this Offer/Task you will also complete the requirement in the " Members LEVEL SYSTEM" so you will reach level 2 !!!

In the end, you will have $50 reward + new level ( with the new level you will gain : 3% Additional % for referral earnings, 3 spots Additional Rented Referrals limit, $ 0.5 bonus to your purchase balance)

How to make your friends/relatives stay active at our website so you can complete the offer ?
The best way is to explain to them how to work on our website (click ads, click grid, add funds to purchase balance, rent referrals, direct referrals, members levels, upgrade membership, working on offerwalls...)

Rules :
The brought direct referrals must be from your state!
Only the direct referrals that will click at least 400 PTC ads will be counted!
Cheating with multi-accounts it's not allowed
Direct Referrals from PTSU ( paid to sign up) won't be accepted
These offer is available only for the following states :
Austria, Belgium, Macedonia , Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden and the UK

To complete this Offer/Task you need to send us a support ticket with the usernames of the 10 DRs that you had brought, however, you need to do this after they will make 400 clicks, otherwise, your support ticket will be ignored.

If we have success with this offer/task and a good number of members participate we will organize this offer/task on regular basis.

Best Regards